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Thysra™ - Facial Expression Learning Set

Thysra™ - Facial Expression Learning Set

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Thysra™ Facial Expression Toy Set creates a delightful bridge for connecting hearts and expressions for both children and parents

Blending educational benefits with playful interactions, making learning about emotions and expressions an enjoyable and enriching experience for young minds.

Let your children discover and share their feelings, while building empathy and self-awareness.

Encouraging imaginative expression as kids design diverse facial combinations, fostering creativity and logical thinking.

Frequently Asked Questions

✔️ What age group is the Facial Expression Toy Set suitable for?

The Thysra™ Facial Expression Toy Set is suitable for 4+ year old girls and boys, popular for those in preschool and kindergarten.

✔️ How can the Facial Expression Toy Set be used for learning purposes?

The Thysra™ Facial Expression Set benefits children by enhancing a variety of skills, including social-emotional learning, sensory education, logical thinking, dexterity, and speech, making it an excellent addition for speech therapy and overall development.

✔️ How to play with the Facial Expression Toy Set?

ENGAGE WITH EMOTIONS – Encourage children to express and understand feelings with this interactive facial expression toy. Spark conversations, whether playing solo, recreating stories, or sharing personal emotions.

LIMITLESS PLAY OPTIONS – Unleash creativity by arranging soft felt elements into various expressions. From hair to smiles, the social-emotional board game offers versatile play.

✔️ Are the materials used in the toy set safe for children?

Yes, safety is a priority. The toy set is crafted from child-friendly materials